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Meet Vahan Khachatryan, a very talented fashion designer from Armenia

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All the rights to Vahan Khachatryan 

Vahan Khachatryan is a fashion designer born and raised in Yerevan where he started his career. After a graduation at the Accademia Italiana of Florence, one of the most famous fashion schools of Italy,  in 2011 he worked with Dolce&Gabbana and other fashion brands. After few years he moved back to his native country where he opened his couture atelier, presenting two collection a year. 

Our lovely Marilea Laviola had the chance to meet and interview him during the last edition of Altaroma, at the Room Service event at Rome Marriot Grand Hotel organised by the talent scout and former runaway model Simonetta Gianfelici

ML: Armenian Reinassance is the main theme of your collections, but can we say that there is also a bit of Italy in your creations? 
VK: Absolutely yes. Living in Florence is an experience that can touch you deeply. Sometimes locals take for granted all the beauty and art that the city can offer while I've always tried to feel and breathe all of its magnificence. And I think that it is right to say that Florence art has played a major influence on my creations.

ML: What are the differences between the Italian and Armenian fashion world? 
VK: (laughs) there's no Armenian fashion world! 

ML: The creation of a haute couture collections requires a lot of time and energy. Do you have a personal method or a lucky charm?
VK: I do not have any lucky charm and I just work like every fashion designer in the industry. Everything happens in my head, without even fully understand how. I just sit on my chair and use my travels and experiences to create my collections. I realised that it is the pleasure of creating something new that gives me the strenght to keep going on. But I wanna thank all the people of my team because without them I could never create two collections in a year and try to follow the rhythms of the major fashion brands. 

ML: You worked with all the most Armenian famous people, would you like to work with some Italian celebrities?
VK: Experience taught me that it doesn't matter how celebrities look with one of my models but how they are grateful for wearing it. It is from their gratitude that you can understand if they truly appreciate your work or they just wearing it for appearing. 

ML: So do you have an international celebrity with whom you would like to work with?
VK: The most important thing is that everyone can fully appreciate my models and my work. But... if I have to tell you someone I would love to see Christina Aguilera wearing one of my creations. I also have to admit that it would be very unusual because she has a very different style than mine. 

All the rights to Vahan Khachatryan

ML: One of your creations has been recently posted on the official Instagram of Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy. How do you feel about it. 
VK: I felt at the height of happines. But it also helped me to understand that my path is still long and I have other goals to achieve. 

ML: Are you working on new projects? A dream you would like to realize?
VK: I'm working on a new collection for foreign markets and other new stuff but I won't tell you anything else because I am a bit superstitious! 

A few days after it has been announced that Vahan Khachatryan couture fashion show will be a major event of Kiev Fashion Week. 

ML: What do you think about the so-called "Ethical Fashion" that it has also been promoted by Altaroma? 
VK: I think it is a very important to work with companies that respect our world and use safe and recyclable material, especially nowadays where consumers choose to buy Chinese products for their very low cost without thinking which material has been used or in what working condition that model has been realised. I am not against Chinese market, I am against a type of working that is not safe and sound.

If you want to see more of Vahan Khachatryan, 
please visit his official website and his social profiles. 

This is a revised and translated version of the original Italian version written by Marilea Laviola. 

Interwiew made and written by Marilea Laviola 
Revised and Translated by Vincenzo D'Angelo

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